Sunday, 10 January 2021

Wisdom Born of Pain...

Seemingly young people who've been treated really well in their childhood can suffer more with anxiety than those who have had to struggle (within reason) with adversities and difficult experiences. 

It turns out that dealing with adversity actually builds self confidence which is the opposite to anxiety. The feel good hormone dopamine that is produced when we overcome challenges, activates our immune system to work at its best. Anxiety and doubting whether we can cope produce stress hormones which can be quite distressing if we don't know how to channel that energy towards something productive.

Having a goal, believing that we can change something for the better, that we have the power and ability to do so builds confidence and wellbeing. It counteracts depression and anxiety. 

So how do we help ourselves to the belief that makes us work to achieve something that we cannot see but that we believe can become possible in the future? One way is to tune in to that loving and caring power within ourselves and around us. We've been given certain skills, we've been given an insight into how we could make a difference. Perhaps, all we need is to give ourselves some encouragement, expect adversities as part of the journey, but be determined to keep going.

'I can do this', 'I have skills that'll help me', 'There are friends who'll help me', 'I can make a difference'. 'I can do this'. 'Together we can make it a better world for all of us to live in'. I wish you luck on your journey!

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