Friday, 8 January 2021

Accessing Joy

Accessing joy is crucial to enjoying our life, yet don't we so easily forget it or seek for it in the wrong places? While a substance or person might help us forget our emotional pain, we still end up having to live with ourselves. And if I don't like who I am, what then?

Well one way of getting to like ourselves better is to tune into the idea of having a 'calling'. We're here for a purpose, a good purpose, a loving purpose. Within each one of us burns a small or big fire for something, a passion, enthusiasm. And only we ourselves can truly know what that is.

Others may suggest or encourage, but what truly makes us 'tick' can be very personal but also the most joyful experience should we tune into it and commit ourselves to pursuing it. For some it is having children and then nourishing them to become happy and good human beings. For others it is writing that book, developing that gadget, helping the sick, the elderly. Being there for the wounded souls of our society. A combination perhaps of several.

There are billions of 'callings', one for each person alive. Sure, many of us share a passion but to what extent we pursue it and develop it is a personal choice. The more meaning and purpose we can access within ourselves, connecting us to that love energy that abides deep within us, the more joy we'll experience.

It's all in our hands or should I say minds, allowing the subconscious passion to bubble up and find shape and space in our lives.

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