Monday, 25 January 2021

Trusting the Emptiness..

I'm not good with doing nothing but I'm learning. Trusting one's intuition to wait and ignoring the pressure to act can feel humiliating. The duty-bound person in me wants to come up with the goods, to keep working on a project, but I need to embrace the emptiness of the moment and trust that there's a reason why inspiration isn't there now. There's something within that needs to mature in order to know the next step.

With the covid pandemic, there're many extra factors at play which we must allow ourselves to absorb. Not being able to travel to see family and friends. Not being able to meet up to chat. Not knowing how quickly a friend will recover from the virus, not knowing if a flight for a necessary journey will be cancelled. Our hopes of travelling keep being postponed. 

We must go easy on ourselves - even though we don't feel anxious, there might be an underlying anxiety that needs to be addressed before we can expect to be back to 'business as usual'. An anxiety that can only be calmed through a continual renewed reminder that we're all one man- and womankind. We all have an invitation to connect to that loving kind presence within and around.

By travelling beyond our feelings of emptiness into the reality of a loving presence inside of us, by opening up to the presence of an amazing powerful love we can experience a sense of safety and purpose beyond the material world. We can discover a warmth and beauty that will sustain us and those around us. No matter what happens we're safe and we will be safe.

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  1. Not all bad. I feel that it is good to have all this time for quiet and reflection.