Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Where is the sun..

Isn't the sun such an experience of love, relaxation and beauty, such a lift and sense of freedom that when we don't experience it many of us struggle. My 'uplifting' nature walk is dull until I experience the sunlight.

I've had to learn to tune into the sun above the clouds, to thank the loving presence for being always present as is the sun above the clouds. I sympathise with the diligent people who built the Newgrange grand passage tomb more than 5200 years ago to capture the sunlight starting to return when the days got longer around 21st of December. I however need the sun on a daily basis. So what do I do?

Yes, I tune in to the sunlight which energises us all, which helps growth, boosts our immune system and lifts our depression. And when I don't see it I relive the strong experience I had in Lanzarote some years ago when I lay down on the hot beach, listening to the sound of the waves and bathing in the sunlight. Total bliss and relaxation. And it gives me joy. So who cares if people think I'm crazy? Who cares if for a few moments I live in a fantasy world if this relaxes me, boosts my immune system and lifts away depressive feelings? 

To me the sun carries enthusiasm and energy and I pray that we will all have enthusiasm and energy for the day. That all of man- and woman- and animal kind will be on fire with that overwhelming power of goodness, warmth, generosity and gratitude that is an accessible reality and experience to anyone who wishes to partake it in. Let's do it. Let's look beyond the veil and partake!

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