Sunday, 31 January 2021

Dream On..

Tommy Tiernan's interviews with surprise guests is my favourite RTE program. Last night Baz Ashmawy spoke about how he had experienced racism due to being half Egyptian and how he spent two years living with his dad in Egypt as a teenager. He spoke about a friend crying in his arms and the importance of being vulnerable.

Then Manchan Magan shared how he didn't fit into school. How he didn't fit into the world of competition and wouldn't be able to handle a mortgage. And so for the €10,000 he inherited from his granny he bought ten acres of land where he planted lots of oak tresses and built his own house out of straw and cement.

Interestingly, both Manchan and Baz spoke about being dreamers. Manchan spoke about connection to a different world and having to ground himself as he feels so connected elsewhere than here on earth.

Two wonderful men who are showing us that there are multiple ways of living our lives, two people who are being true to who they are and sharing a lot of goodness and love with the rest of us through their public appearances. 

May we all have the courage to dream on...and follow that dream wherever it takes us.

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  1. Just read Manchan's book "Thirty two words for field" He is a very interesting character. Tommy I can take or leave alone. Best wishes.