Friday, 22 January 2021

Who Will Guide Me?

Animals seem to have an inbuilt guide enabling them to live in the moment and move forward when inclined to do so. We however seem to get easily confused about what direction to take. Perhaps, we don't want to lose out, perhaps we feel we might be judged by others if somehow we take the wrong direction. 

A priest recently assured me that their would be animals in heaven, I had to laugh and wonder why he was so eager to give me this message. He's usually quite rational but obviously he had discovered the innocence and beauty of animal and I thought it was wonderful.

But how do we know which direction to take, how do we have the courage to make a decision and move forward rather than allowing fear to paralyse us? For me it's difficult until I remember that there's a loving goodness available to guide me on my way. When in doubt I weigh up pros and cons and then allow that loving presence to tell me where to go. 

Of course I could just be imagining that there is such a guide, and I do imagine that Mary who was the mother of one of the greatest lovers of all: Jesus, who was willing to be killed rather than using violence or anger. I imagine her to be extremely wise and extremely tuned in to what's the most loving and sensible way forward.

I imagine her to give a direction when I'm not sure which path to take. And I have to say that it has always worked out. And I don't believe it matters much what we call, who we imagine, or how we get guidance, what's important is to tune in to that unending care and love that's there for me and for others, in me and around me. Nothing else really matters. All roads lead to Rome. All roads lead to more love, if we let them.

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