Monday, 29 April 2019

Love Everything about Our Life

To love everything about our life might sound a bit far fetched if things are not going our way; we are not looking the way we wish nor befriending the people that gives us status and the list goes on.

Yet, by loving everything about our life we do look the way we want and we do have the friends that support in the best way they know how to. It may sound corny, but it works. Choosing to love puts us into an elevated space where likes and dislikes fade into to background. 

Life is too short to not to embrace and work with how we look, who we are and the people around us.

Life can be full of blessings when we start noticing the many miracles and gifts that surrounds. Today I experienced a beautiful wild garden

It wasn't particularly sunny, initially I didn't feel like going out and enjoying the day but I decided to be thankful for the day anyway. As I was walking along enjoying the beauty I realised that there is a whole eco system to respect and we need the clouds and the light (and heavy) rain to keep this island green. 

Loving something doesn't initially means liking something but when we choose to love we might discover something to like.

Monday, 22 April 2019

Earth Day

Every morning I tend to make it part of my ritual to touch the earth as I make a few stretches at the exercise units down the seafront 5 minutes cycle from home. I send good wishes into the atmosphere that today we will work hand in hand with the earth as the friend and magnificent supporter it is to our health and well-being.

There is no end to the healing properties of nature both physically and emotionally. By observing and experiencing nature we realise that there is a time for everything and that the natural process of transformation takes place over time rather than by command or instant magic.

What wonderful Easter we had this year where the sudden heat has elevated our enjoyment with bird songs, apple blossoms and happy animals around our fields. Bird song in particular connects to the focusing part of our brains that keeps us alert and energised.

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Smiling sends a Message of Optimism to our Brains

Almost a year since I started this blog of sharing wellbeing moments. 

These last few weeks I have been extremely busy visiting Secondary Schools with my Wellbeing and Happiness Skills series brochures and invitations to partake in a Wellbeing Experience and lunch all free of charge.

It has been a privilege to visit so many amazing schools with fabulous green spaces and sports facilities attached. All with good parking and clearly signposted to the reception where visitors are welcomed with a smile.

Here is a feel good smile from my recent trip to the Austrian Alphs, so beautiful and quiet up there in the mountains.

But smiling even when things go against us can be of great benefit as it informs us that not all is lost, there are solutions. There is research to support that when we manage to smile in spite of adversity our brain perceives it as a message of optimism. Instead of going into stress-mode it goes into create-mode which is what we need to overcome the challenge.

Of course, it may not always be that easy to smile, we might have to change our frame of mind from negative, pessimistic thinking to being open to a more uplifting point of view. That does take an effort, but so rewarding to our physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Wellbeing Getaway in West Cork

Just back from our 4-day wonderful Wellbeing Getaway at Douce Mountain Farm where I got a chance to share my Well-being videos which went down really well with workshops and a deep level of sharing.

We started the day with a glass of green juice from my favourite Angel Juicer which is the Roll Royce of Juicers producing wonderful nourishing juice with almost no waste.

Then we enjoyed Gerd's meditation in his beautiful organically varnished meditation loft or outdoor meditation on the dry mornings.

Afterwards we partook in a wonderful natural breakfast with organic porridge barley/rice/maise/spelt depending on the day, and freshly baked souerdough bread with fresh goats cheeses and other nourishing toppings.

We proceeded to work with the Happiness Skills of Appreciation, Character Strengths, Positive Relationships or Problem Solving Skills, listening to each other's perspectives and experiences.

Usually we would venture off whether it be to a farm/mountain walk with Gerd, a walking trip in Guagane Barra or Glengariff enjoying a picnique lunch at some point after our river walks.

Later we would work on some Creative Writing with Vera Cait who would help us to connect to the inner child and imagination. The diamond poem in particular brought out a variety of beautiful poems.

Then a nourishing and healing sound bath from Harry who had set up a wonderful display of sound bowls and gongs which we enjoyed both outdoors and later indoors.

The three course organic dinner that Anna produced every evening were a delightful addition to the day.

Later we would chat and meditate before watching an inspiring film.
Then bidding each other goodnight and retiring to each our organically treated bedrooms for a good nights rest.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Sowing a Seed

Happy Father's day to all the Father's including my own!

Today I didn't feel like getting on my bike as it was drizzly and cloudy but I ended up on my bike anyhow. And what a lovely trip I had!

No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. I put on a warmer dress, legging and a hat and voila, rain poncho in my bag. Nature is so healing and uplifting. 

Today I also got a chance to study the senior school curriculum around well-being and happiness. There is plenty in the curriculum to support the happiness skills series that I have created. I will be linking up with a teacher this week and hopefully we will get things moving within the school system.

Also I am back from Denmark where I spent my childhood- I left in my brochure and spoke with a number of interested parties. It is like sowing a seed and nurturing it, and little by little....

 One of my happy moment of the day was watching this little bird sizing up my toast before he took a bite of it!

 This one arriving a little too late!


Hello again
hope you are well.  
Amazing how nature can be such a healer and helper. All the sounds and visuals connect with a deeper DNA within us which is not so amazing when we realise that our bodies are made of stardust!

I am also busy fine polishing the seven videos as I would like them to appeal to as big an audience as possible. Also, I'd like to offer an experience for teachers of the actual skills as teaching something we believe in has so much greater impact than just passing on information.

 My happy moment today fighting my way through briers and difficult terrain to find this beautiful canal walk with two majestic looking swans suddenly appearing under the bridge.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

It is the way you do it

Hello again,
busy week as always, this time putting together a trailer of the seven Happiness Skills videos which hopefully will wet the appetite of viewers to see more.

Also, I am looking at distributors of educational material as I need to go knocking on doors to let people know that we have a wonderful Happiness Skills series which will benefit pupils enormously -if they get a chance to see and work with it!

I have never claimed my material to be unique but perhaps the way I present it might appeal to a number of people who know that they need these skills to remain well and happy.

This week's happy moment: spotting this heron surveying his 'kingdom' whilst us mere mortals were walking the canal