Sunday, 17 June 2018

Sowing a Seed

Happy Father's day to all the Father's including my own!

Today I didn't feel like getting on my bike as it was drizzly and cloudy but I ended up on my bike anyhow. And what a lovely trip I had!

No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. I put on a warmer dress, legging and a hat and voila, rain poncho in my bag. Nature is so healing and uplifting. 

Today I also got a chance to study the senior school curriculum around well-being and happiness. There is plenty in the curriculum to support the happiness skills series that I have created. I will be linking up with a teacher this week and hopefully we will get things moving within the school system.

Also I am back from Denmark where I spent my childhood- I left in my brochure and spoke with a number of interested parties. It is like sowing a seed and nurturing it, and little by little....

 One of my happy moment of the day was watching this little bird sizing up my toast before he took a bite of it!

 This one arriving a little too late!


Hello again
hope you are well.  
Amazing how nature can be such a healer and helper. All the sounds and visuals connect with a deeper DNA within us which is not so amazing when we realise that our bodies are made of stardust!

I am also busy fine polishing the seven videos as I would like them to appeal to as big an audience as possible. Also, I'd like to offer an experience for teachers of the actual skills as teaching something we believe in has so much greater impact than just passing on information.

 My happy moment today fighting my way through briers and difficult terrain to find this beautiful canal walk with two majestic looking swans suddenly appearing under the bridge.