Sunday, 25 March 2018

Welcoming the Lambing season

Hello again
I'm delighted to have added more moving graphics to number one video on Nourishing Positive Emotions. Ken Kelly is a wonderful graphic designer who is animating the feel good brain and our para sympathetic system which kicks in when we focus on good events and people in our lives and of course when we put ourselves out to help others in some way or another.

Here I share this week's happy moment:

Watching the lambing season unfold whilst pausing for a breather on my forest walk - love the backdrop of the mountains

I'm looking forward to singing in choir over the upcoming week for all the Easter rituals. May you have a wonderful week.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Sharing a Happy Moment

Welcome to this very first Happiness Skills blog that I have decided to create with two purposes

1  to invite you to share a good experience as sharing good experiences boosts our happiness and well-being.

2  to keep you updated on Happiness Skills video series that I am creating for schools

So here it goes, my first happy experience share:

Connecting with my friend Bacchus in the snow whilst enjoying curious onlookers

Progress regarding the Happiness Skills video series built on my book Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology: 

I am currently writing/producing session 7 which will be on Personal Problem-Solving. It is a privilege to work on these videos and I am looking forward to sharing them with you when the series of 7 are ready plus a short introduction. 

Watch this space