Wednesday, 27 January 2021

What Do I Have to Give?

Something in our human nature wants to be generous and make a difference in the world but that can be quickly squashed by competition and negative comments. We're like a Jekyll and Hyde, part of us wants to be generous and share while another part wants to defend and hold on to what we have. What will it be?

We might feel quite inadequate, and we are, and yet when we tune in to that loving goodness that lives deep within each one of us, when we allow this unconditional love to come to the surface and guide us, we suddenly are fulfilled. We suddenly feel powerful and safe. We suddenly have a direction: the direction of pouring love and kindness into the world in whatever shape we can manage. 

Everyone is in need of love so let's reach out to one another in love and with love in whatever form that makes sense to us.


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