Thursday, 28 January 2021

Courage to Being Who You Are..

Jane Fonda of all people, married to billionaire Ted Turner said she had to leave him in order to be free to be who she was. She still loves him, she lived in big mansions, had incredible clothes and could get everything she wanted and yet she decided to leave it all and end up in her daughter's little spare room with her retriever. But it was perfect, she said. She had to let go of needing to be validated by a man and instead take the freedom to be who she was.

James Joyce writes about his character Mr Duffy 'who lived a short distance from his body'. Isn't it a struggle we all have, to cut through the BS (pardon the language) and get down to who we really are. It's so much easier to blame others for what's wrong when really in life, nothing is wrong except when we are untrue to who we really are.

And who we really are, is a loving, caring entity. You see it in many older people, they soften, they start doting more on children and are grateful for everything. Some people of course become bitter and narky, perhaps because they haven't dared to connect to their inner goodness and love. They might somehow have gotten damaged, and it's not up to us to judge them, our job is to pour in so much more love to make up for what's missing.

As I get nearer the end of my one month blogs my blogs are getting shorter because the message is always the same: we are loved and our 'job' is to become a conduit of that love to those around us. Nothing more and nothing less.

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