Wednesday, 20 January 2021

May the Healing Begin

Suicidal thinking is often linked to an accumulation of problems that haven't been addressed. Sometimes a deeply disturbing experience keeps haunting a person. In Ireland the 'Mother And Baby Homes' report is a welcome beginning to a belated healing process of the women who were thought the lowest in society and treated as such.

And yet, the men and families that put them in that position, the often cruel treatment in the 'homes' which really were institutions as most of them were overcrowded and impersonal. How can I dare say that there can be healing when some of these women and children have suffered for so long? Have been living as wounded souls among us for so long?

All I know is that love is the healer, listening and trying to accommodate their wishes as much as possible is a start. Helping each person to feel of value. For them it would've been difficult to discover that loving presence within and around as they didn't have a choice where to go or who to live with. The voices of cruelty could've been deafening, a sort of brain-washing into erasing one's personality and goodness.

And so may we offer whatever love we can to these woman, children and families. May we show them that they matter and that for what it's worth, they are loved and admired. They are one of us and may we embrace them virtually until we can embrace them personally, whether it be on this side of the big divide between heaven and earth, or on the other. May they experience the truth of the loving presence that embraces them and all of man- and womankind.


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