Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Stories have so much to tell...

The fascinating story of the three wise men/kings who each followed a star which led them to the ruler Herod's palace looking for the special child who was to save and help mankind. 

Whether the story is fully, partly or not at all true, to me is not important. It's what the story does to us that's important. 

The wise men capture my imagination, that they would travel from afar, that they would honour a child with the most expensive gifts. It reminds me of how sometimes there is something that we know we need to do even though it might be out of the ordinary, even though others might think we're gullible, wasting our time or 'barking up the wrong tree'.

Once we start looking, there are so many amazing pioneers who have risked looking foolish in order to follow their 'vision' or dream. Artists and poets who only were 'discovered' after their death, perhaps too many people were jealous of them when they were alive and so they didn't get a chance to be appreciated. 

Of course we all need appreciation, but sometimes it's when we open ourselves to that creative, loving force and presence within ourselves and around us that we enjoy life. Having the admiration of many doesn't necessarily make us happy as we have seen with many well loved artists e.g. Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston who struggled with and died alone by their dependence on drugs.

We decide which stories we take an interest in and what we focus on in those stories. By focusing on hopeful stories that reflect forgiveness and goodness we are opening ourselves to that beautiful, loving presence accessible to everyone who wants it.

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