Monday, 11 January 2021

Dare to Be True..

We don't want to get hurt so many of us hide our interests, our passion, our contribution from the bigger world. But to have the courage to pursue what 'turns us on' in its most positive sense. 

To have the courage to work away on something we love and when the time comes, to present it to those who can help us bring it further. Those regarded as authorities in our field of interest.

Why risk rejection, correction or abuse? Somehow, that seems to be the price we have to be prepared to pay. A friend of mine loves doing stand-up comedy. He went to England and gave it a go, he didn't get that far with it but when he came back a year later and entered his local pub (pre-covid) the lads started to put him down. How did he think he could get anywhere? How did he think he was any good?

My friend stood up and said 'I've had a great time. You guys are sitting here in the same old seats every night critising anyone who has a go at something. But what have you experienced? What have you done with your lives? I've had an adventure and it has been wonderful. I'm not letting any of you take that away from me'.

My friend wanted to entertain people, make them laugh and he had a go at it. For him it would be too much work to make it a full-time career but his trip brought him further on the road as to how to be of service and help others.

When we tune in to that best part of ourselves, that loving goodness within us and around us it doesn't matter that not everyone appreciates what we do. All that matters is that we're true to that inner light we've been given as this is what brings us joy and wellbeing in abundance.

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  1. Thank you for this. It is the time to let our gifts be seen and be helpful in this world regardless of what others think