Sunday, 22 April 2018

Wonderful colours

Spring is in the air thankfully. It has been a long winter but enjoyable all the same, I've still managed to be outside for at least an hour in spite of weather. No such thing as bad weather only bad clothing.

This week I am starting to plan approaching schools that would like to pilot the Happiness Skills series. I figure schools like to see something working elsewhere before committing themselves and yet with the great need surely there are schools who will love to offer these Happiness Skills to their pupils and be willing to pilot the series. So watch this space.

 My happy moment watching the burst of colour from tulips and other wonderful spring flowers.

Hello from An Carn

Hello again
Last weekend I had the privilege of travelling to Northern Ireland to a place called An Carn near Maghera, this is the the only Irish native speaking area in Northern Ireland and they have build a cultural centre there situated at the foot of Carntogher Mountain in the Sperrins. It was a welcoming place with a hive of activities.

We met local musicians for an evening session, we walked the wonderful ancient woodland, visiting the organic farm where cattle and sheep give birth naturally with no assistance as they are untouched by modern chemicals and treatment as is the land and forest around them.

I would highly recommend a visit and hope in the future when their cafe/restaurant with organic produce is built to bring a group for Positive Psychology as they can house up to 22 people in their lovely self-catering accommodation.

I'm delighted to also this week have been filming / reshooting Part One of the Happiness Skills series as it needed to come up to the higher standard of the rest of the series.

My happy moment looking at this unusual dry-stone structure which was used to cure fevers and pains up to the end of the 20th century. Natural healing!

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Greeting from Edinburgh

Hello again! Good to be back sharing another few thoughts and a happy moment. I am still working on video 7 on Personal problem-solving, slowly but surely it is coming together. It takes creativity and time to visualise the process but I think it is taking shape. Perseverance and hope keeps me going as I believe this is a crucial skill to being able to truly enjoy our lives and the challenges life offers as we fumble along. I call it the DANCE process as I love movement and rhythm. 

Also, I'm investigating how to make my video happiness skills series known so people will avail of it. I should like it to be seen and used in Secondary schools wherever possible.

Here is my happy moment in Edinburgh watching the beautiful mountains from Edinburgh castle.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Easter Greeting

Sending healing thoughts and wishes towards one and all after celebrating the resurrection at 6.30am this morning with a people from all walks of beliefs and life.

There is always a resurrection, perhaps later than we expect but then we realise how much we've learned and loved on the journey of waiting and working towards success.

If we cannot unite with loved ones directly, in our hearts we can unite and carry one another beyond time, space and darkness.

Making good progress on the Personal Problem-Solving video. I filmed the speech and the narration this week and I'm now enjoying editing it all together. It is going to be a beautiful production thanks to all the support and additional input I am getting.

This weeks specially happy moment:
Watching the Easter Full Moon in all its Glory