Friday, 29 January 2021

Everything is Perfect?

'Everything is perfect in this imperfect world' was the motto of a dear friend Kevin Jacobsen who passed away some years ago. With a number of young people he founded the Servants of Love community a monastic community dedicated to seeing what they call God's goodness and love in everything. And the funny thing is, that once you keep looking for it, you see it.

And so when I get into conflict with somebody who for example puts down a person that I admire, and is not interested in hearing my side of the story, I get upset but I know that I need to somehow manage to find something good in that situation otherwise I remain upset.

And so I wreck my brain but nothing changes because pondering on the conflict only upsets me more. And so I realise that instead I need to activate my heart. I need to see behind the upsetting words of another, look at the passion they have to defend their point of view and be happy for them that they feel strongly about something because that's a gift. 

And so I cannot be happy about what they say but I can be happy that we human beings have the freedom to choose what to believe. I can agree to disagree and wish them well on their journey to wherever they are going. Wish them love because that is all that matters in the end for any of us.

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