Saturday, 9 January 2021

Those Gone Before Us..

Without the stories of those gone before us where would we be? As my dear dad often said: If you can't serve as a good example, at least you can serve as a bad example, meaning of course that if others weren't inspired by us at least they could learn from our mistakes.

But isn't the purpose of all learning that we will stand on the shoulders of those before us and carry on the baton in whatever area we feel 'called'? 

How siblings go each their way, taking with them different learning from the same parents, the good, and the not so good that we want to do different in our lives, just as they did.

It takes humility to listen to and observe others, it takes time. Time well spent even though we might feel we're slowing down and getting nowhere fast. Focus our learning on what helps us to move forward in the area of 'calling' and expertise where we can draw most enthusiasm and joy in our lives. 

Why spend our time focusing on our past mistakes and weaknesses? Once we've learned, we need to move on, whether it's alone or through the help of others. There is no shame in calling others onboard, no shame in not being able to figure it all out by ourselves. That's what we are here for: helping each other on the road. And what joy it is to some day help someone else on the road.

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